About DCA

Daniella Cippitelli is the power behind DCA. With over 25 years of experience in all things, creative Daniella handles everything from editorial layout for print or digital publications to first-class photo shoots. These days focus is on digital marketing and content creation, and you are in the right hands.

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to content. Always testing new technology and staying up to date with what works in getting responses for your brand is part of the flow.  

A company’s branding is like a fingerprint. It should be uniquely yours. Make sure your brand represents the quality and pride of your goods or services. Daniella can help you develop a new brand identity or help you transform your existing one.

Your website is a key feature in your company’s identity. No matter where else you have a digital presence, your website is your home. It’s where your customers come to find information, see new products, get help, and all around stay in touch and find you. It is the assurance they look for to know you are a professional and they can trust you. A site designed by DCA is unique to each client. Care is taken to get to know you and make sure you love your site. After all, you should. It is your digital home.

If you are looking for fine art and photography solutions for your business, please head over to cippitellifineart.com

Working with DCA

Daniella takes pride in client relationships. The goal is that you love the work and the results you get. When you work with Daniella, you are not just hiring a Marketer to put your message across; you become part of the family. We are a team all the way through.

Websites that sell
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  • creative content
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  • website design and development
  • editorial

“The soul never thinks without an image”